Memory Maker and Character Meals

We are eating at TH, CP, and H&V. Do they have memory maker photographers there to take pics of the character interactions with your kids?

No. they won’t go around and take pics at the tables of character interactions. But at Tusker House, you will get a family photo out front (no Donald anymore) and it’ s included in the MM. Otherwise, it’s up to you to get the photos as the characters walk around to your table. Good luck!!

@DarthD is right. It’s so disappointing! I think they should have photographers at character meals, although I guess I understand how it would be impossible to staff enough of them.

Wow, no Donald photos at TH. That’s disappointing. I have TH booked for next trip.
Had our first character meal at CM last year. I thought that the plastic Mickey statue photo op was lame!