Memory Maker 2 Groups

Memory Maker Question: We have two groups going to WDW. We are all linked together on MDE. Group 1 is going May 17-22 and Group 2 is going May 19-25. We overlap - Can 1 of us buy Memory Maker for the whole group? Does someone from the first group need to make the purchase? Is there a problem if someone from the first group downloads photos before the 2nd group gets back? Thanks for your help.

Yes, one of you can purchase Memory Maker and use it for the whole group. It doesn’t matter if it is the first party or second. The only thing to keep in mind with respect to timing is that each photo expires 45 days from when it was taken, and you have 30 days to download from the date of first download. Your groups overlap so much that this shouldn’t be an issue, so the first group can download before the second gets back. Photos can only be downloaded from the account that purchased the MM - so either that party has to do all the downloading or has to give access to the other.

If it were me, I’d either have one party do all the downloading, or only give access to the Memory Maker MDE account after the trip was done. I’ve heard of people accidentally changing plans in someone else’s MDE account. Probably pretty slim chances of that, but I wouldn’t risk it.

Yes this. Think it is quite easy to do if everyone is connected to each other’s actual accounts in general. Just be careful that you are always selecting the appropriate guests when booking FPPs and ADRs. You will see everyone you are connected with in your list when making them.

If you want to avoid that issue entirely. You can create a secondary account (dummy account) which will be the account that owns the memory maker. Then everyone connects to it instead of connecting to each other. That makes it much more difficult to accidentally mess with each other’s plans. It also makes it easier to share a password so each family can logon and download their own photos.