Memorial Day Weekend

Hi All

We arrive on Saturday of Memorial Weekend and I am presuming that its getting to be busy! Saturday will just be a rest day and not do too much as the kids will be tired from travelling. But which two parks would you suggest would be the best for the Sunday and Monday ?


I would check the crowd levels for the time your there and just try to book the parks you want to see on their lowest level days if it worries you. We’re very c’est la vie on vacation, so… YMMV.

The last time I went over Memorial Day weekend was about 4 years ago, when they were still doing the Friday 24 hour NK day. Needless to say the MK was pretty crazy on that Friday. I was attending a conference, so I only had the evening on Saturday, which I spent in WS; I didn’t notice larger than average crowds. I spent Sunday afternoon and evening at DHS (it was a Star Wars Weekend) and again, the crowds were not too bad. Monday I did 3 parks; RD at EP, hopped to AK for a Liner meet, and then went back to MK after dinner until close at midnight and the crowds were all manageable - but that was then and this is now and all of the parks have been more crowded these past few years…