Memorial Day Weekend.. the Monday.. tell me about it please :)

Hi! so we are scheduled to start our trip from the 25th of May this year. having checked the TP’s great suggestions I have booked us for Epcot on the Friday and Universal on the Saturday and then we will hide in a pool at our resort on the Sunday. MOnday Is a level 6 at MK… so my initial thoughts are to go there … but just wondering what its like? I can’t see the hours yet, nor if they have popped magic hours on that day… anyone have better knowledge than this first timer? we only get one day in each park (not my choice!) so I am really trying to optimize every chance I get!! any advice is greatly appreciated!!

I would suggest using the Unofficial Guide Touring Plan if you want to optimize. They are not always accurate especially on crowd levels is seems lately. The crowd calendar is better than nothing, but I wouldn’t base my plans strictly on this number.

I was there for Memorial Day a couple years ago and had no issues in the Magic Kingdom. It was busy, but not overly so. They do plan on the large crowds though, so it leads to long hours at the park, which is a bonus in my opinion.

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I was in WDW over Memorial Day Weekend 2017. We followed touring plans for each park (using the Lines app to follow along and reoptimize when needed). Even though the crowds were dense, we never waited more than 15 minutes for anything on our plan. So, my advice, don’t worry about the crowds, just stick to a Touring Plan and you’ll be fine!


thank you!!