Memorial Day Weekend 2023 crowds

We are planning a trip Memorial Day Weekend and we have some flexibility before and after because we are planning on doing non-park days. Right now the thought is Friday (26th) HS (CC says 8) Sunday (28th) MK (CC 5) and Tuesday (30th) MK (CC 6). We are constrained by the 3 tickets for 5 days limitation. Thoughts? Thanks!

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That sounds ok to me. Avoiding MK on the weekend is always a good plan. AK on the weekends is a best bet.

Can you move things up a few days instead so that you’re there on the weekdays leading up to MDW? I looked through past years and those days don’t seem too bad, all things considered.

@abridges27 The actual “issue” is that the typical tickets are only good 3/5 days. If I can find a ticket without the same restrictions, Thursday, Friday, Tuesday would work for us as well completely avoiding the 3 days of the actual holiday weekend.