Memorial Day crowds

We are trying to avoid Memorial Day crowds by going the day after but crowd calendar shows the day after Memorial Day as having higher crowds. I was hoping it would be the opposite.

I went during memorial day weekend last year. The crowds really weren't unmanageable. We were in MK on Memorial Day and it wasn't terrible either by my recollection.

If you have a game plan, you'll be fine. And don't be swayed by the usual bottleneck areas. Have fun!!

Glad to hear. Boys are finally tall enough so this is our first time to do Universal. Dates are flexible so I may push it back one more day to be on the safe side since we are spoiled by usually going to Disney in February smile

I was there for Memorial Day weekend as well and managed just fine. It was crowded but not crazy! smile

We have no choice but to go Memorial Day Weekend so we are hoping the crowds wont be too bad. If too much for us or our toddler, we'll leave early to the resort and enjoy the pool.