Memorable trips

Just wanted to share this story. DH and I originally started bringing my niece with us on Disney trips in 2015 for our cruise as a babysitter for DS, then 5. Since then, she’s been a regular on our Disney trips up until last June when I took her and DS8 for the last time for her graduation trip. Overall, she’s been to WDW 5 times and on 3 Disney cruises.

I arrived home today to a Shutterfly photo book she made us of all of our trips. Told us how much it meant to her that we brought her along and what a wonderful time she had. I’m choking up just writing this.

She has graduated and that means it’s now my nephews turn. We’ll take him on his first solo trip with us in June. DS9 and Nephew 13 should have a ball. Love sharing Disney with them!


So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

That is the sweetest thing! It is fabulous that she thought enough to thank you in such a personal way. I am sure your nephew will love it as well!

This is so beautiful :heart:

That’s lovely!! When we went with my MIL for the first time, she was very critical of my planning (specifically the TP themselves), because why do we need to plan everything out??? Anyway, when we came home she had sent me a bouquet of roses thanking me for all of the time and effort I had put into planning the trip. She said she had a great time and wouldn’t have even known where to start or what to do if I hadn’t done all of the planning that I had. It’s always nice when someone shows how appreciated you are :blush:

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