Member Services and website unavailable July 18th-19th

Two bits of news.

This announcement is on the home page of the DVC site:

Member Site and Services Will Be Temporarily Unavailable
The Disney Vacation Club Member website will be undergoing maintenance and temporarily unavailable from 10:00 PM Eastern Time on July 17 until maintenance is completed on July 20. In addition, Disney Vacation Club offices will be closed on July 18 and 19.

And this, which was reported by a couple of blog sites but confirmed when I searched the FAQs:

Can I pay for additional housekeeping services?
Additional housekeeping services, including additional trash and towel service, are not available for purchase. If you are staying on Member Points or Member Cash Discounts, you will be scheduled for trash and towel service on your fourth day. If you are staying more than eight nights, you will receive full cleaning service on your fourth day and trash and towel service on your eighth day.