Meeting Princesses in Epcot

Starting to think about our touring plan for EPCOT and my 6 year old really wants to meet Belle in her “plain” outfit. I have heard that it can be difficult to do and the lines get quite long? Does anyone have any tips? We are going to Akershus for breakfast, then heading to Anna and Elsa and to use our FPs. Then we were thinking that we could head to France by 12 to see Belle. Anyone know what the lines are like for her? Would it be better to go right at 11??

I met her last July, CL6 day. The line was fairly short, maybe a 5 or 10 minute wait. That could be because she (and several others at Epcot) are not out continuously, all day long. She is out for only 20 or 30 minutes, then takes a break, then is out again an hour or more later, repeatedly. Plus she is in a very ordinary, easy-to-miss location by a tree by the lagoon. It’s not like the showy setups in MK. MDE has her times, as does the paper schedule you get by the maps. If you miss her at 11, try again near her other times.

I’ve met her a few times there and the wait is not usually more than 20 minutes. You can get there a little before any of her sets and meet her without much wait. I don’t think you need to go right at 11.

Ran into her unexpectedly at France as WS opened. Myself and adult son. Stayed in character " what village are you from?" “That’s a long ride on horseback”

A couple years ago I traveled with a friend’s family who was intent on meeting as many characters as possible. Epcot was tough, particularly since this group had a tough time getting early starts to their day. I didn’t come up with a great system, but I did learn a few things.

  • Pick up a times guide on the way into the park and check the meet schedules, then plan to get in line before a character goes “on stage”. Once people see a character, the lines get much longer.
  • Try to meet as many characters as possible when World Showcase first opens
  • If you’re trying to see anyone other than Belle, then I’d consider paying for Kenny the Pirate’s character touring plans. I haven’t used them myself, but he at least presents some logical way to see as many characters as possible in a given day.

I have a KtP subscription and it paid off for me. DH and I were interested in character meets like this one. (We met Mickey wearing 6 different outfits that week). I would suggest getting there about 10-15 minutes before the next set. We did this for Mulan and it worked beautifully. It gives you a minute to get your camera and autograph book ready and you don’t have to worry about the line getting cut off just as you walk up.

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I also have a KTP subscription. It is well worth it as schedules are updated frequently so you will always have a very good idea of where each character meets along with the likely times. The interaction tips are good too!