Meeting Mickey at the Town Square Theatre - Question


I was planning to use a FP to meet Mickey at the Town Square Theatre first thing in the morning on our first day at MK. My 3 year old loves Mickey Mouse so I thought that would be a nice way to start our time at MK. I figured I'd use a FP so we didn't get too far behind the crowd while we were waiting for Mickey. Since the welcome show is now at the castle, I'm thinking of scrapping this idea. We're planning to be at MK for RD so by looking a the map, we'd have to back track to the theatre after the welcome show. I feel like that may really put us behind the crowd. I guess I'll just use a FP for it later in the day? Thoughts?


I'd do it later. You would be trying to get back to the theatre against the flow of thousands of people coming up Main Street. We did it on our way out for a break.


are you planning on leaving the park for a break?
how many days total will you be in MK?


We're in MK for at least 2, likely 3, days. We are planning on taking a midday break so maybe I'll schedule it then! Thanks for the feedback!


we hit him up at rope drop-----waited less than 3 minutes we done and out of there in no time and then moved on with our day


We LOVED Town Square Mickey! Great way to start off our trip. I would recommend scheduling a Fast Pass at 2:45 and then plan on watching the 3pm parade in the shadow of the train station. My daughter and I were up in the non-VIP section of the train station and had an amazing view of the parade.