Meeting Jack & Sally at MNSSHP

Has anyone here every had any luck with meeting Jack Skellington & Sally after dark during the MNSSHP with somewhat reasonable wait times? Any suggestions?

After dark? Now the line is insanely long, and we got in line around five-ish

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Is it totally not worth it for the lighting? Should we just go early and have a sunshine pic with them? I was hoping maybe during the first parade the lines would be mellower?

I’ve never been to the party in Florida but I did in Paris and the line for Jack (no Sally unfortunately) was insane. We got there an hour and a half before the posted time and were already about 50 people in. By the time he arrived the line of people waiting snaked almost all the way out of the land. Luckily it was already dark there but if this is a must do I wouldn’t risk it personally

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Yes, we got in line right as the park was officially closing. We only waited about 25 minutes.
If you can make it to the end of the party (and I can’t see buying the ticket and not staying until they kick you out), go at the end of the night.
It was a huge bonus for us. I didn’t expect to do any meet & greets because of the time commitment.


It was very rainy on our night so there was no sunshiny pic either LOL It was a gloomy sort of photo.

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We met them last year just before midnight. We were in line about 40 minutes. Would have been less but they took a lengthy break at one point, which was kind of disappointing since it was so close to the end of the party. They were on our list of must meets but the line was already hours long by 7pm so we lined up for Moana and jack sparrow first, then met cruella and decided to check one last time on our way out. Glad we did because the line for jack and sally was shorter than it had been all night by far at that point.

were you able to still see the hocus pocus show after the meet and greet, or rather, could it be fit in?

When we went to MNSSHP, a couple years ago, my DH and DS were on the fence about waiting to meet Jack and Sally. We did a handful of other things, and then decided to wander over there. The line was crazy, as we knew it would be. So we just kind of hung around a little… watched them meet others while standing at the fence near the exit.
We just happened to time it perfectly. They decided to take a break as we were standing there. Both Jack and Sally walked right out the exit, right past where we were standing. He shook hands with everyone that was standing with us (like 4 or 5 other people), and she smiled and waved. The coolest was seeing them actually move. They MOVE like they should.
It was a neat experience, and we didn’t have to stand around for hours.