Meeting Characters - Planning, Strategy, Tips & Tricks?

I am wondering if people have tips or tricks for pop-up character meets. We only seem to ever be able to do them if we stumble across them in-progress and there’s not a long line yet. I’d like to be more intentional and be able to plan a little better and there are some characters we’ve never been able to meet that we would like to make a point to try and get to this week (Alice, Moana, Edna Mode, Stitch, Mirabel)

Do people line up ahead of the scheduled time? If so, how early? If the meet ends before you get to the front of the line, do you wait for the next one? It looks like they’re usually every 20 minutes or so but some of the app times just say like “9:45 am-3:00 pm” and I know they’re not out the entire time.

Are the times and locations in the app accurate? Last year we lurked around the UK pavilion for what seemed like forever waiting for Alice and the time on the app and on the sign came and went and we saw nothing.

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Yes! I’ve gotten in queue at least 30 minutes in advance if I truly want to meet someone that doesn’t have an indoor location. However, you are not guaranteed anything. I’ve asked CMs where to go to wait and a potential time. They don’t usually know an exact time or aren’t allowed to say. Typically, they’ll say - “Stitch just left. So…maybe about 30 minutes”. Then I’ve stood there for 30 - 40 minutes with nothing.

This is a personal choice. Do you want to wait another 30 minutes in the sun??

As a former performer - not at WDW - I can tell you I had to go out twice each hour for about 15 - 20 minutes. You do your 15 - 20 minutes, take a 30 minute rest, then go back out for 15 - 20 minutes. Sometimes there can be two performers for the same character. So, you can get more rotations in for popular characters. (This was frequent for when I did Tweety Bird)

They are just displaying the “standard” types. However, if “Alice” got called to go somewhere else as that character or didn’t come to work that day the app isn’t going to update.

I don’t think there’s anywhere to meet stitch except at Ohana breakfast. He has a dance party type thing at MK but doesn’t sign.

From what I have seen he is meeting & greeting (posing with groups/individuals) but doesn’t sign. I saw some photos on Instagram from last week of people posing with him.

That’s what he did last year, he was just up on stage!

The WDW app has a character locator. Stitch is supposed to meet in MK.

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