Meeting Buzz Lightyear?

DS really wants to meet Buzz Lightyear but we aren’t doing HS this trip. It looks like Buzz is usually at Tomorrowland at MK. If that still true now with TSL open? If so, is he at MK every day? Most days?

What’s the best way to make sure we meet him?

I hope to get to meet Buzz too! On my last trip I saw him in Tomorrowland but DH was exhausted and had blisters so we went back to our resort.

Go to this link and then click on the calendar to enter your date at MK; it will give you the hours of when Buzz will appear.

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Thanks so much! It says 10-4:15. Does that mean he’ll be there the whole time or just periodically in that window?

He should be but I am in no way an expert about this! There are daily times guides you can get in the parks and also you can always ask the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel:
They have answered questions for me a couple of times.

He comes and goes but they will let the line stay open while he goes for a short space break!

We had great success hitting Buzz right at opening. Tomorrowland and is on the quieter side in the morning and the M&G is out of the way. Plus they have the background covered up so nobody is in the area unless they are specifically headed to Buzz. I think we lined up right at 9:45 and were 2nd in line.