Meeting A&E without FPP

I am looking for advice for meeting A&E in the standby line. We will be in MK on 2 low crowd days, one with AM EMH. Would it be better to plan to try to see them on the day with EMH? Any advice or opinions from anyone who has done standby for A&E at all would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know when they’ll be available in the Norway Pavilion again? Thanks.

No stand by experience here but from what I’ve read M&G in Norway won’t happen again until the Frozen ride is finished around early 2016.

Thanks! That’s what I was assuming.

When you get to the magic kingdom 45-60 min before park opening, go all the way up to the rope on the side. You won’t be able to see the welcome show, but that’s the price to see them with little wait. Stay with the rope all the way to A&E.