Meet up point in Pandora?

My huband and two older kids have FP for FOP, while my youngest (age 3) and I have FP for NRJ. Our FP are at the same-ish time. Is there a good spot to meet up after we finish with our respective rides in Pandora?

I know there are some play areas by other attractions that make good spots to wait with littles… is there anything like this in/near Pandora?

There’s some drums where you could meet up that immediately spring to mind

By the drums would be a mutual location, but depending on whether or not taking your 3 year old into a shop is a good thing, the FOP riders will come out through Windtraders. So you could meet in there. Satu’li is also right next to Windtraders - so if you are around meal time, you could meet there and eat - the have a covered outdoor area as well as an large inside seating area.

Plus windtraders is next to the restrooms

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Also, side not on Satu’li. If you aren’t using DP credits, you can do the online ordering ahead. Whole family could order together through the app before splitting up for the rides. Then whenever you are together again, you just click in the app to tell them to prepare it for you.