Meet moana

Have there been any updates about Moana meet and greet? We are going in Jan and my girls love her!

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I would like to know also

No updates that I’ve heard of. I believe she was available to meet during MNSSHP and/or MVMCP, but I haven’t heard that she is meeting guests on typical days. Such a bummer! We met her last NYE’s at Hollywood Studios and it was a favorite interaction for us.

Gnatjo is right Moana was available at MNSSHP for meet and greets and she is also confirmed to be at the MVMCP so that’s probably the best chance to meet her. So far there is no news on her being in the parks during regular hours yet.

I wonder where they moved her…she was at HS last November/December when we went and I heard she was at Poly at one point…she’s so popular I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have her somewhere.

They only have her at parties now, such a disappointment. Such a waste of a hot commodity frankly.

Well…If she’s selling extra party tix because ponying up extra cash for a party is the only way to meet Moana, it might be a very prudent use of a hot commodity. Cha Ching $$$

The question becomes is Moana’s presence enough that someone who would not have bought a party ticket, would. Not sure if she moves the needle that much, but maybe?

Very true! Not sure I’d spend the extra cash, maybe for Maui :slight_smile:

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Ooo! We would love to meet Maui! Good call there.