Meet Mickey Minnie Red Carpet?

We have a PPO breakfast at HW+V then step one in our TP is Meeting Minnie and Mickey. TP is telling me 30 min wait. Do they meet before the park is open? Why such a long wait? Where exactly do they meet??

they don’t meet before the park opens - so if you have less then 60 minutes scheduled for your breakfast anything prior to park opening is part of the wait time.
It does surprise me that there would be that long a wait first thing in the morning

Oh of course! I put in 45 min breakfast trying to see if it fixed the wait. The wait is expected to be 15 mins and I have 15 before park opening. Can anyone describe the location where they meet at so we can line up after breakfast?

We saw them at rope drop and were first in line. For some reason, HS opened 10 minutes early that day, so the characters weren’t ready yet. We waited until 9:05. There was definitely not a 30 minute line behind us. More like 5 minutes.

They meet across from Sci Fi.

You should see it on your touring plans map too