Meet Mickey at Town Square Theater Closing Time

Have you guys had experience with Meet Mickey at Town Square Theater closing earlier than Magic Kingdom?

I’m playing around with a touring plan for a future trip and I want to try to see Mickey on our way out of the park, but the app keeps telling me that Mickey’s meet-and-greet will close an hour before the park’s stated closing time, and 3 hours before the close of evening extra magic hours that night.

What gives?

Not every attraction is open through EMH, and even for full park hours.

Whether the Mickey M&G always closes earlier than park close I’m not sure.

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Look at current and past Times Guides here . The MK one shows Meet Mickey usually closes 30 minutes before the park does. As @JonMcIntosh said, many things do not open right away when the park does, and many things close early.

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In the fall, we tried to meet Tink and Mickey near park closing and they were not taking any more guests. Tried during evening EMH and they weren’t open then either. We will definitely hit them upon entering the park in the spring.

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I was surprised to see the personal touring plan telling me that Meeting Mickey was an important choice for FPP that day. I was definitely glad I followed the advice.

The line looked short that day, about 11am as I recall. It seemed to not move at all haha! Once we got to where we were 2nd in line, I realized why. Folks were spending a lot of time with Mickey, can’t say as I blame them, but it solved the question of why line so slow, which was the FP line. The standby line I don’t even want to know about.

So glad we went. My shy little 3yr old granddaughter, who hid under the table at the character breakfast, actually got to meet dear Mickey! Mickey gave her a kiss on the cheek & made her day, one of her highlights of the trip, so cute!

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Thanks for the input guys. I do love the talking Mickey and wouldn’t want to miss him!