Meet Mary Poppins?

Does she appear anywhere other than UK at Epcot?

We only have an evening at Epcot and from what I understand, Mary Poppins doesn’t have any meet times after 2:00.

She is typically scheduled in Liberty Square, I believe - not sure of times, though. Maybe around lunch? She also has a character breakfast at GF.

I just did characters for the first time with my niece on a recent trip. Kenny the Pirates character locator was immensely helpful - worth the bit of money to subscribe so I could get specific times and locations for the characters that don’t have permanent meet and greet attraction.

Yep - we found her (on accident, we were not looking for her) in the shade near the entrance to Liberty Square at MK!

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We rode on the Carousel at MK with her and Bert on our trip in 2016. I don’t know if there is a set time or not, though. We just happened to be in line when she and Bert got in line behind us. My wife was super excited.


We found her in Epcot in the UK at a random meet, definitely after 2pm. She did not have a photopass photographer, but you could take your own pictures.

We just happened upon Mary in the gazebo by Liberty Square as we were cutting through on our last trip.

She had just arrived with a CM handler and no photopass photog, so we only had to wait for 2 people in front of us to meet her. I just looked at my photos to confirm - it was 10:30AM on a Friday.

She was terrific - my DD11 was excited and said “We’re so happy to find you!”
Mary responded, matter-of-factly “Of course you are my dear.” :smiley:


Man I love Disney… the stumbling upon a character really are the best moments.


I have met her at MK in the grassy area in front of Crystal Palace. Also enjoy 1900 Park Fare for Mary Poppins, Alice and the Mad Hatter (who was hilarious!).


Yes, I’ve seen her on the grassy area in front of Crystal Palace too. Looked like quite an impromptu meet because there was no line when she arrived.

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