Meet & Greet with Joy and Sadness

I am trying to work Joy and Sadness into my Touring plans and I need to know how long to set aside for that meet & greet. I have heard that the line moves horribly slow for these two. If it means anything to you, we will be in EPCOT on a CL1 day for that park.

Also, how late do they stay for the M&G? I need to decide to do it before or after dinner.


I went at rope drop (9am) and was the 3rd or 4th family on line. it was great!!! We were with them by 9:08am according to my photos and done by 9:13am. After that we got on line for Baymax!

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We were behind RD getting off the bus right at 9am on a 9am opening day. We went to Joy & Sadness first and were in line by 9:07 (security was a breeze!!!) By the time we got into line it was a 40 min wait, so that just goes to show how crucial those first few minutes are, but we also got only Joy, no Sadness.

We did Epcot two days and on our other Epcot day we met Baymax with a 25 minute wait at 11am. Joy & Sadness were both there but the wait was 80 min so we did not do it. The line does move terribly slow, because they both sign & depending on how many autograph books there are per party that adds in time aside from character interaction & picture taking. I had heard that the wait was getting up to 2 hrs at times, but I myself didn’t see that type of a wait and it may have been the hype around them being new. I also was only around their Meet & Greet those two times so it could very well be a longer wait later in the day.

As for how late they stay, the Times Guide for our visit in early April says until 9pm, which was also the park closing time.

We were there on CL 2 day… Arrived around 9:40 and waited over 30 min… Barely moved. Left line, met Baymax. Tried several times later in day, always same line… Barely moving. Rope drop it, or be prepared for very long, slow moving line.