Meet & Greet Princess/Characters

DD6 (almost 7) & I were discussing tonight how we didn’t get to meet that many princesses&princes while at WDW a few weeks ago. She really wants to plan a girls trip but we may include DS11&DH to be nice but have at least one day for girl time. So I suggested that we spend at least one day in search for meet and greets for all princesses we didn’t meet last time.
So we have met the following; Cinderella, Elena, Anna & Elsa, Pochahontas, Doc McStuffns, Micky Minnie & Goofy, Joy & Sadness, Ariel (in her Grotto).
We have a lot more to meet. Has anyone ever tried to accomplish this without any TS meals? We could maybe do one TS meal to meet some and then the rest would be meet & greet.
Any suggestions?
We would most likely be staying offsite so we wouldn’t be on the DDP, so paying OOP for meals.
We would have PH obviously if doing in one day.

We haven’t done this yet, but we signed up for Kenny the Pirate’s character locator app which gives great information about meeting characters (i.e. where, times, and advice on things to say to them). That might be a good place to start at least.

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Yes I have seen that, I need to remember that! We probably won’t go again until next year but wanted to start planning early. LOL

I’m pretty sure KTP has a touring plan especially for princess meets in Epcot! Maybe an Akershus meal as well…pricey, but we’ve always had great interactions! Good luck and have fun with your planning!!

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You can meet several princesses at EPCOT. I would recommend breakfast at Akershus. It’s not as expensive as dinner, not it’s cheap by any means. However, you can meet Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella there. Mary Poppins and Alice are in Britain. Snow White in Germany. Mulan in China. Belle and Aurora in France. Jasmine in Morocco. Donald Duck in Mexico. Pluto at the front of the World Showcase by Mexico. At MK, Merida is just past the bridge from the Hub near the Teacups. I would FP Enchanted Tales with Belle and tell your daughter to volunteer for a role in the story. She will get to take a picture with Belle at the end. Also, Tinkerbelle in at the Main Street Theater.

Jasmine and Aladdin are also in MK over near Aladdin’s carpet ride. We saw Mary Poppins in the garden area near Crystal Palace in MK early one morning and Daisy early one morning in Epcot by a big building on the right hand side (maybe the camera store?) - we stumbled upon daisy by accident. Chip & Dale over in AK at Rafiki’s planet watch.

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Another recommendation for Akershus for breakfast. You could then see Anna and Elsa again if she would like since they are right there. Them at 11:00…showcase opens and you can work around the counties to all the princess m&g’s there.

Hopping to MK makes sense(or start there and hop to Epcot and do Akershus for lunch. Merida, fairytale hall, Jasmine and tink should be targets.

Have fun. My wife is doing a mini princess day with my daughter our final day at MK in June. She is getting a make over at BBB at 8am, rope dropping Marida, FPP+ for both sides of fairytale hall, friendship faire and CRT for lunch. It is going to be a very princess morning!

Me and DS with be doing the mine train and mountains. Was my favorite day to plan by far.

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I recommend meeting the princesses in Epcot–we have met Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Alice, and Mary Poppins (not princesses but…) there. They come and go with only certain visiting times on their schedules. If you know their schedule and know where to line up, we’ve had great luck getting in line a few minutes before and being in the first 3-5 people so minimal waits. Sounds like a fun day!!

We did a breakfast at Akershus on our first day in WDW in December and met Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella, and Ariel. Then we hopped right over and met Anna & Elsa, and while in Epcot met Mulan, Belle again in her Christmas dress, Alice & Mary Poppins. Did other characters too but those were the primary “Princesses”. In MK we did Elena/Cinderella and Tiana/Rapunzel, Ariel at her Grotto, Merida, the Stepsisters, Snow White, & Tink (others too, but again, those were the primary “Princesses”). When we visited, the line for Pocahontas in AK was just too long, so we missed out on that. I used a combination of Touring Plans & Kenny the Pirate info. If you didn’t do a meal plan, I think you could still manage pretty well but I think Aurora is only at meal services (?).