Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus FP+ question

Hello liners! I’m trying to locate some information re: the Anna and Elsa meet and greet at Epcot. Per the 2019 UG pg. 570, it states that this attraction offers FP+, but does not list this in either of the tier lists. Can someone help a girl out? We’re planning a late afternoon tour (arriving around 4:30) and I’m trying to determine my FP+ selections before my 60+10 window opens Friday morning.

Also, if we only want to tour the world showcase area that evening, how does that work for fastpasses if I don’t plan on touring future world and won’t therefore select any tier 2 FP+. Once my tier 1 FP is used, can I make a new tier 1 selection??? It seems like that shouldn’t be the case, but I’m curious. We’d like to do FEA, the meet and greet, and the fireworks show, along with at least a partial tour of WS. TIA!

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There are no FPs for Anna and Elsa.

You won’t be able to get another tier 1. You must use your initial 3 (including 2 tier 2s) before booking another tier 1. It doesn’t sound like you actually need another though - you don’t need a FP for the fireworks, you can see them from basically anywhere around the lagoon.

You could book 2 tier 2s for before your FEA FP. Usually if they are before your tier 1, just expiring them by going past the time counts as using them. But this doesn’t always work if you’re not in the park at the time of the window.

Having said all this, at that time there are probably not going to be tier 1 FPs still available.


Just to add that The Line for Meet A&E goes fast and is usually never more than 20 minutes. The line goes through their house and my daughter enjoyed pointing out objects from the movie while we waited (like the clock). It’s a fast and fun wait!


We were there in July…middle of the day and walked right in to the meet n greet. With that said Frozen II comes out Nov. 22nd so that might get folks more interested again.

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