Medical Clinic

Hey everyone, hoping for a little help. Anyone who read my thread on chat knows that my trip started out terribly and it hasn’t really improved. I was a dummy and wasn’t paying attention at MK yesterday and tripped in the trolley track. It’s not swollen but I am in a lot of pain. It feels like I cracked a bone in my foot and am wanting to get it checked out. Are there any Canadians who have had medical treatment near WDW and had the clinic accept their provincial or private health plans? TIA for any help!

I’m so sorry to hear that you are hurt. I haven’t used a clinic in Florida, but I know that most locations will accept your Out of Province Travel Medical Insurance. Some employers include it as part of your medical insurance package or you could have purchased it as part of your travel insurance package.

Your best bet is to call the insurance company’s 800 number and ask them what you should do. They can tell you who they work with and what you are covered for.

Feel better


@swasyluk I don’t have any help for you but I’d appreciate when you have time if you could let us know how it went. I am Canadian and becoming a Disney TA soon and would like to hear about the experience. Hope you can still enjoy your trip!

Hope it’s nothing major!

I’m so sorry:-( if you staying on site, maybe the concierge can help you. Even if you’re off site the hotel should assist you in locating medical care with your insurance. It’s better to be safe and get it checked out ASAP. I’ve only used centra care and would not recommend it. I’ve gone to doctor Philips hospital and my mom had a positive experience. All the best. Feel better!

Thanks all. I haven’t had it checked yet but I was feeling better…until I actually got run over by a stroller tonight…I must have a target on my back. I’ll see how it is tomorrow or I’ll wait until we get home.

I know many Liners recommend going to Celebration for medical care if needed down there (in the case you end up needing it). Glad to hear it was a bit better today. Watch out for those strollers!