Mears taxi, good or bad?

We have an early dining reservation at Riviera at 7:50 am. I wasn’t sure with bus transportation that we could make it happen, so I booked Mears transportation. There are six of us including two littles, it was only $20 from Wilderness Lodge to Riviera. I think an uber/lyft would be comparable in price?

However, I don’t have any experience with Mears and honestly I’m a little worried after seeing some of the online reviews.

Should I cancel Mears and try to go for lyft or uber? Have you used Mears and had a positive experience? Please try to ease my worries!

We had a good experience years ago with Mears going from an outlier airport into Washington DC. The only complaint for me was that they stop and pick up and they filled it up. If you’re doing it just for yourself I’m assuming it would be a different experience.

If I were building a Pro/Con table … my only Pro for Mears would be the bigger vehicle size.

Mears has some larger vans. I would keep it.


I think it’s only for our party. I guess I’ll keep it and can do lyft or uber as a last resort.

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That doesn’t make me feel any better! What would you do?

Will your two littles need car seats? I think you would need multiple Ubers/Lyfts and I did not think two car seats were an option, so would you need two of them with seats (I did not think that was an option these days)?

Mears will give you a large transport for the one price. I actually think it will save you money?


Are the Minnie Vans not running… I didn’t go and look and can’t remember what I read

They are not at this time. I believe Mears is the only option.

They’ll need boosters. When we used uber/lyft in the past we had our car seats with us. I did request them with our Mears reservation so I do feel better in that regard. It was only $20, which isn’t bad I don’t think. I was just reading about the horrible service but it looks like that was mainly from the airport, so I’m hoping since it’s from one resort to another it will be a better experience. I don’t know why I’m so worried about it honestly!

Yes, no minnie vans! I would have loved utilizing that this trip.

I have used Mears for my transportation between MCO and Universal and back on multiple trips and I’ve always been extremely pleased with their service. Friendly drivers, very timely. I plan to use them again in the future.