Mears private reservation

I’m thinking about booking a private car from MCO to Royal Pacific for our upcoming trip.
The reservation wants to know a pick-up time. Our flight lands at 1:25pm. We’ve got Early Bird, so we should be off the plane quickly. I was thinking of putting 2pm. But what if we are late? What if the flight gets delayed? Etc?

Also what if we need to cancel the reservation? I’m having trouble finding their cancellation policy.

Depends on where your flight is coming from - and if it leaves on time. I know from NYC unless there is some major delay or we have to reroute for some reason (coughMarALagocough) we almost always land 20-30 minutes early.

Granted, I don’t fly Southwest (they screwed me over one too many times), but I wouldn’t count on Early Bird necessarily having you right up front - especially going to Orlando. I have friends who do fly it, got early bird, and were still at the back of A/start of B because so many people going to Orlando buy it.

I personally wouldn’t use a car service that didn’t answer all the other questions you have. The ones I would consider ask for the flight informatoin and THEY monitor the arrival. As for their cancellation policy, if you can’t find it on their website (BIG RED FLAG if you ask me), I’d call them and ask. And if there’s not a phone number, I’d use a different car service.

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Yeah, I have been thinking this too… Maybe I should just stick with Lyft/Uber. I just was worried that it might take forever to get a Lyft/Uber these days? It’s been so long since I’ve used them at MCO airport.

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Sorry, I’m no help there. I haven’t been to MCO in over a year, and I take DME.

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Yeah, we always take DME too for WDW. But we’re going to UOR this time. I wish they had something like DME that was hassle free.

I always put in the time our flight lands. They usually ask for the flight information and they track it on their end. My cousin’s family used to own a private limo company - they carefully and closely tracked all flights so they knew when to be there.

The problem was that they wanted me to put the time the flight lands… and then the pick up time. Just confusing and kind of changed my mind on using them.

That’s definitely strange. I’ve used Happy Limo, Ultimate Limo and Tiffany Town Car - I’ve just had to put in a single pick up time each time. If you are considering others, Happy Limo is the one I’ve used most often.

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