Mears Connect - Car Seats?

Booking transport for January: Haven’t done DME w/ little kids (only done it once myself). Reading on the FAQs, it sounds like the vehicle size can change which might present an issue w/ car seats. My sis is going to be traveling w/ twin two year olds and a five year old (along with her husband). They aren’t planning to bring car seats.

Very little Kids will ride on laps for the busses, if big enough they will be in a seat. Busses have separate laws and safety regulations for car seats.

Assuming all the rules will be the same for mears as DME.

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However, the Mears Connect FAQ specifies that you are not guaranteed a bus, that you may be served by a van or small vehicle, and further states they will not provide car seats. I’m not looking to book it right now, but it gave me pause, too. How can a parent be prepared if you don’t know if you’ll need it or not?


Good catch. Honestly I would probably just lean towards a private van/Suv that can assure proper seats. When both cost $ I rather pay to get a direct trip to my resort.

To be honest, I would bring car seats, use them on the plane, and then have them available to travel from the airport to WDW.

Yeah that’s what I saw that brought me here - so the wording is different than what DME says? I wasn’t sure because I’ve only done DME once and that was only with adults so not something I had to worry about.

I tried to call Mears but didn’t get through. Sent an email to the customer service email - so we’ll see what they say.

That may be what they have to do; just three car seats is a lot for a short trip.

ETA and definitely a strike against mears - because I will use a different form of transport.

Yeah - if my entire party travels together that even makes $ sense, but we are arriving about 2 hours apart, which makes it a a bit weird.

I think @Jeff_AZ used a service called QuickSilver that he recommended for families with littles.


Yes if you are concerned about car seats, I highly recommend Quicksilver. They have car seats and boosters that you can use for no extra charge.


I have them booked for my trip because of your recommendation!

I put Jeff from Touring Plans forums recommended! :joy::joy:

Right now I have them just picking up from MCO but I’ll need them for 2 round trips to UOR and a return to MCO too.

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Hope you like them! :relaxed:

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Awesome - I made a reservation w/ Quicksilver and one with Mears Connect. I’ll see what Mears says in response to my email question.

Do you know anything about needing multiple car seats? They only had room to request one (we are doing a van because of family size), but I put in comments that we need two. Of course I’ll but curious if you’ve already done that.

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Unless you are bringing a booster seat for the 5yo, you probably should request 3. Be specific on the types.

Most 2yos are still rear facing, so they would need convertible seats that are designed to rear or forward face.

5yos either ride in a forward facing, harnessed seat, or are using a belt positioning booster seat.

I was able to select at least one car seat and multiple booster seats. I can’t remember if there was an option for two car seats. But it’s worth asking! They might be able to get another one for you.

ETA: I found it pretty easy to get ahold of them by phone for these types of questions.

Just an update for anyone else who may need it - Mears stood by the possibility that the vehicle could change with no warning. So no guarantee that you won’t need a car seat if booking Mears Connect. Since our trip is January (not much time to see how things play out for others) we are booking quicksilver for sister’s family and doing Mears connect for the four adults who arrive later.