Meandering discussion including but not limited to Disney shows, child behavior, speech therapy, song lyrics, autoimmune disorders, peanut butter substitutes, hygiene, and wine

Wow, that’s incredibly stupid !!!

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I have completely given up trying to watch parades and shows at WDW because I cannot deal with the inconsiderate parents. I have not seen FEA yet, and want to on my next trip, so I will probably “suck it up” and pay for a dessert party so I have at least a somewhat better chance of seeing something other than the butt of a kid that daddy hoisted up on his shoulders…

I realize that WDW is for “families” and I accept that “kids will be kids”, but I am astonished by the behaviors that some parents allow their kids to get away with. The only time it really bothers me is during signature dining. When I’m trying to have a nice, up-scale (and expensive), dinner with my wife, I don’t want to have to deal with other people’s kids running between the tables, knocking my wine glass over, throwing food, and having complete high-volume melt-downs (all of which I have dealt with during signature dining).

Picture this, if you will. It’s 11 PM at a resort bar/lounge and 8 or 9 guys (almost the only patrons in the lounge) are sitting around the bar, unwinding and conversationally blowing off a bit of steam. In comes a woman with her 8 year old daughter who she sits down on a bar stool at the bar (not at any one of the several dozen empty tables away from the bar) and then gets pissy about the “adult” language that is being used by the other patrons… Seriously?


I am completely with you. My son is seven. I simply don’t bring him to upscale restaurants, unless maybe once or twice a year and then we go at 5 PM when we won’t disturb anyone.

A 6’3’’ dude ruined the friendship faire for us by putting his kid on his shoulder, exactly like you said. I don’t get it. I take my son in my arms, in such a fashion that his head is next to mine. Enough for him to see, not too high so that he’ll block anyone’s view. Simple. But a lot of people just don’t give a crap about others, and they raise their kids the same way thus perpetuating the problem. Sigh.

The dessert party worked really well for us. To be able to sit, get there only 10 minutes before show time and to have a completely ‘‘unblocked’’ view was priceless for us.



The Welsh equivalent of “Why, bless your heart!”

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Good that you said something. The “problem” with polite people is that they’re… polite. These folks probably had never had anyone ever stand up to their rudeness before.

The few times I’ve ever gotten up and actually moved to a quieter place, it wasn’t kids who were driving me batty.


Last Spring we were at Disney to watch the fireworks…usually we watch them from fantasty land, but crowds were horrible so we were just following the throng and it was literally packed like sardines in front of the castle with nowhere to move. A Cast member told us to just stand and wait until the fireworks are over to make our way to the front. These people behind us were so angry and belligerent towards us because they were waiting all this time and we can’t just come up and stand there. I just was turned to them said I was told to stand here. … there is no where to go and the cast member told us to.keep going as they are just packing as many people they could into the hub area. Plus I had my daughter with me and we did not put her up on the shoulders, but I did pick her up so she could see something besides legs, and that did make people happy either. Annother reason why I don’t park my spot very early as you never know of someone’s going to come in front of you and I wasn’t trying to be rude but I was told to stay in there!

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Must have been so awkward !!! Another good reason to do the dessert party !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While she could have been more polite, I have to say, I do agree that having to listen to someone translate a show - especially when there could be preparation of watching the movie before the trip - is very annoying.


In Disneyland Paris almost everyone is busy translating non stop.

I’m glad someone has said this! I have kids and would still have found it annoying, I don’t think it’s a no kids issue. I understand that OP’s first language isn’t English, but the rest of us want to watch the show too.

I think some people get annoyed by stuff like this and some don’t. It’s more a personality thing.


Thankfully DLP is not on my visit list. LOL. Thanks to a snotty exchange student my senior year in HS (she lived with us for the longest month of my life), Paris has very little appeal to me at all.

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You make this decision because of one person? She must have been the stuff of nightmares. I think that you should give the other 2,241,345 citizens of Paris a chance😉.


Disney World is not just for kids. Adults are allowed to go. And they don’t have to take kids with them.

Kids can be annoying. And they can spoil things for other people. Including adults. Adults can be as excited about going to and being at Disney World as kids. Plus they have to pay for it, and it’s hugely expensive, even if you do it cheaply.

On my first night at MK last year — the first time I’d been at WDW for about 20 years, I was in the Plaza Gardens watching HEA. I’d paid $59 to be in that private area. Throughout HEA a young girl — maybe early teens — was dancing along to the show. She was constantly criss-crossing my line of view. It was hugely distracting and irritating.

Every fibre of my being wanted to yell at her to stop. I kept looking around for her parents so I could glare at them.

But I also know that I was in Disney World. And I was angry because a child was dancing. I knew there was nothing I could do and nothing I could say.

But she ruined HEA for me.


Maybe one day. LOL. (I’ve almost 100% written Brazil off thanks to the tour groups around Disney and NYC though.)

Well to redress the balance a bit, here are some of the things adults do that annoy the heck out of me:

  • Using flashes on indoor rides like POTC, PP and HM

  • Narrating along verbatim in pre-shows and on rides, like HM, Soarin, SE

  • Hoisting kids onto shoulders during shows as PP have mentioned

  • Ramming strollers into my ankles

  • Talkimg incessantly over guides on the Safari ride

  • And one kids and adults are equally guilty of, whooping all the way through certain rides *


Is this technically “allowed”? I always feel like they tell you not to. The guy beside me took a movie of Soarin the whole entire movie with the dang red light on and the lit up screen and his tween/early teen son two seats over took like 1000 flash photos the entire time. It was ridiculously annoying. I asked the CM after the ride if that was allowed as it was so distracting and she “well, sometimes people do that” and that was it. The two 40-somethings to the right of our group also took off their tennis shoes and left them on the ground while Soarin’. It was a very interesting and bizarre flight. Glad it was the 2nd of our trip.

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Taking shoes off is advised if you aren’t confident they’ll stay on!

When we last did it, we were delayed because a woman who had just finished riding had dropped something into the abyss! There were lots of people taking off shoes while we waited …

The video thing I don’t mind so much. But the flash photography really irks me.

I cannot think of any reason tennis shoes would not stay on. They are ties or velcroed on - or they should be.

I have to say I feel like I’ve missed something. The OP talked through the entire show (about half the time not even in a whisper) and it’s the people around them who are rude?


THANK YOU! Exactly!!!