Meal reservation for 4 when we’re 5?

Going to MK in the morning with our fam of 5. Have a 12:20 skipper canteen ressie but want it earlier to get to Epcot by 1.
There’s a 4 available reservation at 11:15. Okay to take w 5?

Usually restaurant locations will allow you to add an additional guest during check-in, but it is not always possible, and even if it is you’re moving to a different sized table and may need to wait longer to be seated.

It’s a bit of a gamble


Eesh!!! Knowing we really want to get to Epcot by 1, I think it’s worth the gamble. If they can’t accommodate and we need to go to CHH, so be it.
Just wanted to make sure SC doesn’t have specific table restrictions (like Space lounge).

And I could keep on the lookout for reservations for 5. Two weeks away!!!

Thanks Jen


You’re welcome!

Yeah I think picking your priority will matter here. If SC is a must do, I’d probably leave alone. But it sounds like Epcot by 1 is the must do - so take the chance!


Good point on priorities. Since they’re over an hour apart (from my 12:20 table for 5 reservation), I can keep both for now.
When is the cancellation deadline again?

Nah I was going to say that but it’s 2hrs advance notice of cancelation or change


Have you tried booking for 6?


Woah. Hadn’t thought of that! Just checked and no availability but will keep an eye on that. Great thought!

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I stalked reservations to switch from 4 to 5 at SC. And then they put us at a 4 top with an extra chair on the end :roll_eyes:

So I think you’ll be fine adding someone! Be sure to do online check in and add your person!


Good intel and reminder about adding with online checkin. Thanks!