Meal recommendations

Looking for your recommendations for meals that are large enough to share and/or kids meals that are big enough for an adult.

I ate a ton of kids meals at WDW and I’m curious if I can do the same at DL and DCA. It doesn’t look like there are as many options to swap sides as there are at WDW.

Quick service, the fried chicken platter at Plaza Inn immediately comes to mind. It’s very good and big enough to share if you’re not huge eaters.

Table service, several items at Carnation Cafe (maybe share a burger and some chili or something). Lamplight Lounge nachos. Naples (Downtown Disney) for pizza.

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Some of the things we’ve split recently: an order of tacos and 1 elote from the Coccina Cocamonga in DCA, the giant chicken sandwich from Pym’s, most of the main dish entrees from Lamplight Lounge, hot dogs from Award Wieners (and get a carne asade fries on the side to share between a couple of people). The Carnation Cafe burgers are also good to share as are the Plaza Inn platters.

We often will for our family of 6 split up 3-4 plates/entrees and then get snacks/sides if we need to supplement (and it helps us be able to fit in things like ice cream, churros & beignets). We are 2 adults & 1 tween son that will eat generous portions, 1 younger son that is starting to become a bigger eater but still eats kid-like portions, and then 2 daughters (one an older kid & one a toddler) that nibble/graze throughout the day and usually don’t eat big portions ever and buying a meal for them would be a waste.

ETA: Bread bowls are a great one to share too as there’s so much bread to go around. We’ve shared a bread bowl and 3 lobster rolls between 5 of us (& got the toddler mac n cheese for the youngest who didn’t want anything to do with our bread or soup or lobster). And we were all very much full.

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Thank you both! Great ideas!

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