Meal Options Near MK

How difficult will it be to get to and from The Wilderness Lodge from The Magic Kingdom for a Dinner reservation? It is so difficult to find a good place to eat in the Magic Kingdom.

There’s a boat that goes right to it. Not difficult at all just allow a little extra time for transportation.

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The boat ride is just over ten minutes. The longest I’ve ever waited was 20 minutes, but that was just once. Typically, the whole trip, from the time you get in line for the boat until arriving at the Wilderness Lodge dock takes about 20 minutes. It’s usually a pleasant trip.


Thanks for the advise. I was hoping that was the case, but I really wasn’t sure.

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watch out for timing of the Electrical Water Pageant. We forgot about it and it delayed our getting back to the MK by about 20 minutes or so. Not an unpleasant wait, there’s a show stop right by the WL docks, but if you’re trying to hit Wishes it can cause problems.