Meal decision?


We have booked a meal at Tony,s Town Square(6.20) at MK. This will be our first park on our trip but I am now thinking to change it to Boma and catch the bus over to Animal Kingdom and eat about 7 how far is this place from MK or would you stick with first choice on our first evening and stay in MK all day, we have breakfast at BOG at 9.45 so have most the day here.


For Boma you would take the Animal Kingdom Lodge bus to Jambo House. The bus ride is about 25 minutes. I would allow an hour for the ride. Food wise I think Boma is the better choice.


I've never been to Boma and can tell you it's better than Tony's lol


Tony's is "OK" (but pales in comparison to the TI or VN - even MM is better) and Boma is considerably better, but neither are necessarily on my "do again" list. If you choose Tony's, it will take an hour or so and you'll have the rest of the evening open. If you choose Boma, it will pretty much be the end of your day; to get there from MK, eat, and get back I would allow 2-2.5 hours (perhaps as long as 3 if you have really bad luck waiting for buses and Boma is slow to seat).

Another option might be Skipper's in the MK. I've not had a chance to try it yet, but it gets good reviews and has a slightly more "exotic" menu - and doesn't require you to leave the park.


I second the skipper's suggestion. My husband and I are doing a nice dinner each day, and we considered skipper's for our MK day. It looks delicious, but we ended up choosing a Grand Floridian location instead as it isn't too far to leave and come back, and it will be nice for DH to escape the park for a couple hours before returning for evening festivities. We also looked at the contemporary at both California Grill and The Wave. Both seemed like good options as well that were nearby; obviously with California Grill being on the top end of the $$$.


I typically leave the park for dinner. Right on the mono loop you have 4 regular TSs (any one of which will have better food than anything in the MK) 3 signatures (all outstanding, although expensive), and a number of QSs. Almost as convenient is WL (a short boat trip from the MK) which has a very good TS and an outstanding signature.

Don't me wrong, I love AKL, and Sanaa and Jiko are two of my all-time favorite restaurants in WDW, but going there on a MK day, especially if you are relying on Disney transportation, is about as inconvenient as you can get. Conversely, it's quite easy to do on an AK day.


I think you'll be surprised how long it will take to get out of the park, wait for the bus, get through traffic, etc. Then get back. I'd bet a frozen banana it takes 45 minutes each way from saying "ok time to go" and being back in the park. I like the Skippers idea too. It's probably too late for any other sit down. A monorail resort would be good Plan B. Frankly I'm going to be there in June and becasue of the crowds, we're just doing either Columbia Harbour House or Pecos Bill's.


Thanks everyone for feed back did think it maybe a tall order, will look into again then thinking will try the Wave​:+1:


The Wave gets really good reviews. Boma was good but we did it on our AK day and it still took forever to get there and back.


The Wave is one of my favorites. It is on my list of place to eat when we go in November. My hubby has not eaten there yet. Actually, California Grill is also on my list as well.


For all-round dining experience, CG is my favorite in WDW; the food, service, and fireworks make it pretty much the perfect package. The food I had at the Wave was quite good, but the worst server I've ever had at WDW kind of made the experience bad enough that I haven't wanted to go back...