MDE walk times - accurate?

Playing around with the MDE app…no admittedly I have my TP walking speed set to very slow to account for moseying plus a slow as molasses 6 year old, but things that the TP “very slow” speed says should take 11 minutes to walk MDE says is a 1 minute walk. Aside from full out stopping for at least half of the way there, I don’t see how that can be.

Do people think the MDE walk times are realistic for a normal focused - but not speed walking - walking pace?

From where to where? 1 minute is not long, obviously, so I’m trying to think of two rides that close together. An example might help to answer your question.

One minute from Peter Pan to Haunted Mansion.
5 min from HM to Little Mermaid or from Fantasyland Railroad to Buzz.

I could believe 1 min from PP to HM if the park isn’t crowded.

Ok thanks! That’s encouraging.

I believe those times.

I believe that the TP walk times are from the point you exit the ride vehicle to the point that you get on the next ride vehicle (excluding any wait time). The MDE times are probably from exit to entrance.

Must be. For MK awe arenusually spot on with timing.

Assuming it’s not wall-to-wall people and you can move freely, those times are aggressive, but at least close.

We’d have found them quite accurate if we’d figured out the very obvious pointer on the “where you’re at right now” dot. We were constantly going the wrong direction and would have to backtrack. I found it easiest to hold my phone to line up with the attractions I was near and go from there. Four days in I figured out the arrow and that made things easier. I’m horrible at directions! DH found it easier to use Google Maps.

So - when it said 7 minutes we’d be there in 7 minutes but that’s because we backtracked and my husband is the fastest walker EVER. (And that’s pushing a double stroller. So I was running to keep up, holding my not-pointing-in-the-right-direction-phone at all times…)

Thanks al!