MDE showing resort reservation cancelled incorrectly

I cancelled a dining reservation last night and now on MDE is says next to my resort reservation: Please note this reservation has been cancelled and will be removed within 48 hours. I checked the email received, that I it only says dining reservation cancelled. Then I called and confirmed that the reservation was still valid. Was told I would have had to call to cancel as it was a room only booked through Undercover Tourist. I logged in to my UT account and reservation is still there. This morning my reservation is still on MDE, but it still says it has been cancelled. Has anyone seen this?.

No I haven’t, but I have had LOTS of things popping up that shouldn’t be there, and things I had cancelled not disappearing.

If you call and talk to the tech people, they can usually fix it up.

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I know I had a problem cancelling a reservation when it showed I had a reservation for the time period I was booking another reservation for a different restaurant. Usually it let’s you cancel the first one in leu of the second one but I have found it has problems doing this. So I go to MDE and cancel it directly from the list of my reservations. Weather you have a resort reservation or not should not matter as Dinning reservations are made separately. I have made mine many times without a resort reservation in existence with no problem as long as they are within 180 days of the date I am making them. Try going directly to MDE, my reservations, and then to the one listed that you want to cancel. Pick cancel reservation and OK. It should tell you your reservation has been canceled and it will disappear from your list of other reservations. Works for me every time and if I want to replace it with a different reservation I am now free to do so.

Thanks. the dining reservation disappeared no problem. My worry was getting to WDW and not having a room to stay in. TA and Disney both have told me the room reservation is still there. Or my Fast passes being cancelled as I no longer had a room reservation, although we are now less then 30 days.

How would I get a hold of the tech people?

If you have a confirmation number in MDE for a resort, you have your room. It’s not so much the room as the Park tickets that are tied to Fastpasses. MDE should show your resort reservation, your park ticket with or without parkhopper and for whom. Below that should be your Dinning reservations. If it shows all of these your set, if not link whatever is not shown to your Disney acct.

I call a number ending in 5277 (can’t help much with the rest of it, not sure how much is part of the international calling code) and just tell whoever answers what the problem is. They then find a human in the right area to connect me to, though sometimes it takes them a few minutes to get hold of someone.
I like that they don’t just transfer me to sit in another queue, even though I’m still on hold.