MDE Sharing Family Plans Question

I thought that with the MDE app you can add family and see each others plans. My husband and I had previously added each other and made sure our settings were set to share with each other. We’ve even been able to book LL for each other on a previous trip to WDW. We double checked our settings again just now and we still can’t see meal and experience reservations the other person made. Is this to be expected? Are we doing something wrong? Should I just contact our TA about it? Any insights are appreciated.

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Are you all linked as friends and family “share all plans”?

We are. That’s why it seemed strange that it wouldn’t show up.

They need to have their setting set to share all plans too.

Disneyland is a little different than WDW - and actually a little simpler. All you need to do is add each other’s tickets in the Disneyland app:

  1. click the hamburger menu
  2. click “Tickets and Passes”
  3. click the plus sign:
  4. Click “Link tickets”

Then follow the instructions to either scan each other’s barcodes, or enter the ticket ID code manually. Once you can see each other’s tickets in your app, you can make LL reservations for each other. You’ll need to do this for the ticket of every individual in your party in every person’s app that wants to be able to make plans. Kind of tedious but usually there’s just one or two planners per group.

Note that for dining it really doesn’t matter if your plans are linked since you can make a reservation without naming the other members of your party, though it seems like a crapshoot weather plans I make ever show up in my wife’s plans.


To add: I think you can link your party the same way you do with MDE for WDW, but I’ve found that much more complicated and less reliable. We tried to do it with my dad so he could make DAS reservations with us and it was a mess.


We tried all the posted advice. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond! We still can’t see everything the other person reserved, but it’s okay. I do have everything added to our touring plans and made calendar reminders with timers for all of our reservations.