MDE Profile Help

I am hoping that some of the forum experts can confirm how MDE works. A little background:

My son’s girlfriend did not understand Disney crazy before she met me. She had been in the world once when she was a kid- one of those “we stayed at Poly and went to Universal and Busch Gardens” Disney trips. So, she did not have a MDE account. Actually, she may be one of those people that have never had a account…

Next President’s week she will be traveling with us and she has 7 days of FPs. She also has an AP.

On Feb. 1st she is going to a conference in Orlando. Her sister is presenting at the conference. At first I did not think this was an issue because I can download their MM photos but now I realize they should make FPs, at least on that day.

I assume if she tries to make FPs she will receive a warning that she is exceeding her FPs? Will it drop from the last day?

Also, if she creates her own profile in MDE she can link to everything (including her ticket) trough the invite feature?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Based upon how you’ve worded this, it sounds like you’ve already “created” a persona for her under your MDE account.

Assuming that to be the case, the easiest way to do this would be to go in to the “Friends and Family” part of your profile, choose her, and select “send invitation to MDE”… and send it to her email. That should create her account without losing anything you’ve done already.

If that fails in execution you can always call IT and have them fix it.

I would just be sure that she makes sure to link her ticket for FEB 1 and is using that ticket on the day of… she may or may not be that “advanced” yet in her execution.

Thanks! I will try that!

If we have 7 days of FPs later in the month I will need to cancel the last day for her to make FPs?

Probably yes.

I assume she isn’t staying onsite for the conference? If she is, she may be able to get the AP Guest Services CMs to help.

No, they have an amazing rate off site. Funny, I worked so had to squeeze a couple of FPs into my plans on my last night. I can let them go .