MDE Profile for Companions

My DH, DD19, DBF20, and I are all traveling down to WDW in May to celebrate her HS graduation from 2 years ago. My DH and I each have our own MDE accounts. Somehow he has our DD on his account to manage and I have her DBF on my account to manage. I am the one that will do the “work” in MDE. My question is around whether we should have DD and DBF get their own MDE accounts (I believe we would send a request to them from the profiles we already have set up for them). I’m just not sure what the pros/cons are to them having access to MDE too. They will have magic bands. Thanks in advance. I know this is likely a silly question, but MDE always makes me nervous!

Yes, they should set up their own accounts.

I had dd set up her own when she was around 17yo.

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Thanks so much.