MDE Online Check-In - No Selections Available

I am trying to do our Online Check-In via MDE (our trip is 28 days out) but when I click on the Room Selections, there is nothing to choose from in the Drop-Down.

Anyone else encounter this? Is there a workaround or are there really no options available at our resort (we will be at ASSp).


It has not worked for months now for any resort.

Common assumption is it will eventually go away because there are people who didn’t understand that selecting those requests was just that - making requests. More than a few people thought that they were selecting guaranteed locations and complained - sometimes loudly - when they did not get their requests.


Are most just filling out the TP Fax with their room selections "wish list’ now? Also, is there a way to let Disney know that we have a continued stay at the same resort and would like to remain in the same room if at all possible? We used to be able to note this during Online Check-In but not sure how we would do that now that things have changed.

Thanks again!

That I have no idea. I use a TA and she puts my requests in when she books the reservation. (I’ve never done the split stay either at the same resort or a different resort thing either - it’s never made sense to me.)

Sorry I can’t help more!

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Yes just do the TP fax and put all that info in the free text box together with your second reservation number.

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