MDE Issues. Ugh

So, MDE doesn’t show that my DH’s park tickets are linked. For everyone else in my party, the little ticket icon is blue, indicating linked tickets. My DH has his resort and dining icons blue but no tickets linked. I called Disney and the CM I spoke with assured me everything looked good on her end and gave me what was I guess the IT number and said they should be able to clear it up for me. I spent 40 minutes on hold and gave up. My main concern is that, come FP day, I won’t be able to make reservations for him. Anyone else had experience with this? Am I going to need to try another call to IT? :roll_eyes:

If I were you, I would call IT and stay on hold however long it took to fix the issue before FP day. I had a MDE problem after the upgrade, and that’s what I did. Rather suffer through it now than have a possible cascade of problems later.

Are you able to call from your desk at work and keep the hold music on speaker until they pick up? That’s what I did. Or call from home and put your smart phone on speaker while you fold laundry or some other productive task. It will help the time pass more quickly.

FP day isn’t until the beginning of December. But I think you’re right. I will likely have to suffer through the wait. And my job is staying home and part-time homeschooling my older two kids, praying my younger two aren’t off somewhere destroying the house and wondering how many invisible people my dogs are going to bark at that day! Lol! It should be fun for whoever lands my call…what with all the off handed yelling trying to get my people to calm the mess down while I’m on the phone! :sunglasses:

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