MDE issues- “trouble loading this screen”

I am consistently unable to book or modify any ADRs from the MDE app. I get to where I can select the time I want and I get the “trouble loading this screen” message every time. It’s happening at all times of day! My calendar dates are properly opened up for me, so it’s not that.

I can book ADR on Disney website using Firefox and modify them, and they do show up in my MDE—but I just can’t do anything else with them-except cancel them.

Not such a big deal here at home but when I’m on the trip I would love to have MDE work for me so I don’t have to go through a browser every time I want to adjust anything. Anyone else have this issue?

(Hoping this isn’t a preview of how Genie+ is going to work for me…)

I’d suggest uninstalling then reinstalling the app.

I had a similar problem last summer, and how I ultimately fixed it was to delete the credit card I had saved and add a different credit card. Maybe that will work for you?