MDE Issues Today

Anyone else having issues with MDE today? Today is my FFP day and I was on before the crack of dawn, literally, and I saw Stitch and Olaf more than I saw the page I needed to be on. It took me multiple attempts to schedule my FFPs. Just now, dining was down. Ugh! So frustrating when technology fails us.

On my FP day, the same was happening on my iPad, I switched to my iPhone and got them straight away! Don’t know if that helps?

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I had the same problem when booking FP mid-Sept. I received an error message with Olaf when using the website via my computer but the app worked


9/24 10:48am EST and it appears MDE is down right now, too

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I had issues with the app yesterday as well. :confused:

Had issues booking ADRs on the computer this morning, but worked on iPhone app.