MDE iPhone app Update 2.2

Update 2.2 available for My Disney Experience app for iPhone today. Says faster loading on start up. I'll believe that when it happens. I did not notice much of a difference. Anyone else?

MDE app just makes me angry - seriously drives up my blood pressure. I avoid it at all costs. I am with you on saving all my plans to my phone, I print one for the backpack in hopes I can avoid looking at my phone while in the parks.


No difference for me. MDE is one of those apps that makes me want to throw my phone against a wall. I takes forever to load and a battery sucker.

Supposedly the website changes go live tomorrow. Different process for booking FPs.

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Well carp. I have friends checking in tomorrow and will be using that piece of carp while they are there. Ugh.

I've never had problems with MDE on my iPhone - either at home or in the parks during a trip. Maybe I'm the exception.

I don't have any problems per se. Just frustrating how long it takes to open and load. It's like watching the old dial up bar.

I hadn't experienced any issues either until today. My MDE app upgraded automatically on my iPhone. Now when I try to look at wait times it is only showing a few attractions at MK. I tried to filter to see HS and it says HS at the top of the attraction list but still only shows the few from MK. confounded

Oh no @kellymouse5, that's terrible. Len said the most recent changes on MDE go live tomorrow, so maybe today they are messing around with it. Hope it behaves this weekend while I'm at WDW.

Something weird definitely happened w/ my app. It is listed under automatically upgraded apps for the 21st, version 2.2. Maybe I just need to turn off my phone and restart it.

Do you have your iphone set some way that it automatically does your app updates, @kellymouse5? I have to push updates on mine.

I do. Sometimes it asks me permission for certain apps (Facebook seems to be one of those). Maybe that's something that I should change.

Pants, I've just updated.maybe I should have held off.

I loved MDE before March and used it every weekend. The update in the spring never worked on my phone and I'm in MDE withdrawal on a weekly basis. Still works on DH phone, but not mine frowning Such a frustration for me.