MDE help n3eded

So, I have a family group of 29 going. several of us have our own mde apps. I have one with my parents and my kids and husband. fast passes and dining booked. my cousin has one with her fast passes booked. we are trying to do a memory maker share. how do we do it? will we lose our fast passes?

Divide up into smaller groups - when it comes to rides (FastPasses) I am unaware of any that are going to seat 29 at a time. coordinating sit down shows together might work, but for the rides you are better off dividing up to smaller groups of 4-6 and tackling them separately. then setup times you are all together for watching entertainment, eating, comparing notes, etc.

no I’m not concerned about them getting fast passes and dining… they wont. we are 2 weeks out. I am trying to figure out how to get the memory maker and allow all our pictures to be in one site.

You all need to be linked as friends and family and tick the box for sharing photos. That’s it. Only the person who bought MM will be able to see the pics without watermarks and will need to download them.

Oh! And you can only have 25 people on a memory maker.

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I think you should be able to make a dummy MDE account and link at least one person from each family group to it or just link them to your account for MM purposes. You don’t need to have all 29 people linked as long as they are with someone who IS linked when they have their photo taken.

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that’s what i was thinking. i think i have it figured out now! thanks to everyone