MDE Glitches

I was just trying to play around and everything I try and touch in MDE when I go to sign in - it’s trying to use Face ID says there’s a problem with the account. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Anyone else have issues? I’d hate for this to happen in the park.

Yep. I’m making ADR’s and it’s tripping. It was mentioned yesterday the system was going down last night at 11:00, so I’m surprised it’s working at all.

That stinks. They broke the system making the price increases I guess. Good luck.

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I’m able to get in without issue but it’s glitching like Vanellope

The last two nights, they had the system down during the night to push out changes. So, I’m not surprised that we’re probably seeing a BUNCH of people trying to hit the system all at the same time when it would have been more spread out.

(I secretly hope the system is flooded with folks deciding “enough is enough” and cancelling their trips or something…although, I’m a hypocrite, because I’m not about to cancel mine. Although, I already have tickets purchased, DVC booked, and pile of Disney Rewards money to spend on dining.)

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I deleted the app and reinstalled and also restarted my phone. I can log in using a browser. There’s no way to purchase G+ on a browser is there? I’m scared this will happen when I actually need to purchase. It’s not the first time.

Update. I deleted and reinstalled several times and still didn’t work. I turned off Face ID and it works so that’s the issue in case anyone has problems. It also worked just fine in my iPad.

Face ID is pretty easy to fool, so probably best not to use it anyhow! Regardless, glad you figured it out.