MDE FP dummy run (kinda)

OK, so I’m starting to panic just a little about my fp bookings.
I check into WDW on October 2nd which means(PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong) that i can begin my fp selections next Sunday or Saturday midnight.

So i went onto the MDE site to have a look and get a feel of the FP routine.

When i try to do a dummy run it only allows me to pick FP up until August 30th. Now to me this doesn’t sound right. Shouldn’t that be more into September if I’m booking for October next week…

Any ideas.

Hi @Shelldub - You’ll be able to make your FastPass Plus reservations in 7 days. (60 days before you check in to your WDW resort hotel.

I do see what you mean about what you are currently seeing though. I’ve seen some strange things on MDE, but I was able to book everything just fine.

Once you are at your 60 days prior to check in, you’ll be able to make FastPass Plus reservations for your vacation.

How exciting! Getting close!

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Ok, I was just getting a little worried. Thoughts of doing these fast passes. And keep duo thing that I have the correct date to do them.

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So it is possible to do a practice run? I’d wondered about this.

Wouldn’t a practice run be kinda unfair to others trying to really make FP+ choices?

The 60 days is only when you are 60 days out. So since you aren’t in that 60 day window, you only get to see 30 days. So next week, literally overnight you’ll go from only seeing the end of August/beginning of Sept to seeing the entire length of your trip.
Make sure you don’t actually keep any of your dummy reservations. Not only will those not be available for others actually traveling at that time, but you can only make reservations for the number of ticket days you have. If you have five day tickets and make 3 days of dummy reservations, you will only be able to make 2 more days

I don’t think it’s unfair. As long as you remember to cancel the reservations when you are done practicing for the day, it won’t really affect anything. You can only practice within 30 days of the current date, and by that time the high demand FP+ (Anna & Elsa) are already gone.

Sorry I prob shouldn’t have said dummy run. I didn’t actually pick anything just wanted to see what date it would let me go up to.

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This makes sense. Thanks.

I knew that is what you meant. :smiley:

I wasn’t being judgemental. I didn’t think to even try that. Then I thought back to people making multiple ADR’s. No harm meant, plan and practice away! °o°

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I didn’t think you were. Just wanted to be clear what I meant by a “practice run”. =)

No offence taken here :slight_smile:

So my fastpass selections are tonight and it still only available up till sept 1st

Because that is 30 days from now. As long as you have your resort reservation linked in MDE when the clock hits midnight at 60 days out, the Fairy Godmother will wave her Magic wand you’ll be able to book. It’s worked this way for all other on site guests. Only shows 30 days until you hit midnight Disney time at 60 days. You’ll be fine. =)

Ok… This fastpass is very stressful. I participated in the testing last September so have an idea of what I’m doing.