MDE - FP+ Booking at Day 60

I’m a UK based peep. Next week is day 60. Currently MDE for FP+ is a blue circle. The button is “live” and when I click on it it asks to link my tickets. Our tickets are with the package so wasn’t expecting to link them and the system doesn’t recognise the format. So the question is:

At day 60 will MDE recognise my reservation and automatically open the FP+ window for me or will I have to somehow register tickets I don’t yet have in my hand.

I’m hoping its the former but any confirmation will help.

Ta mutely.

*Ta muchly!

Yes it will automatically recognise them, you don’t need to do anything.

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Blimey! That was fast!
Thank you.

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I spend too much time here :joy:

I was about to edit but I saw you replying so I didn’t in case you didn’t see - Dis IT being as it is (crap) if it doesn’t work on one device, try another - the app might not work but the website will. Or try a different browser, private browser, clearing cookies, reinstalling the app etc. But hopefully it will just work first time.

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OK. Like booking seats for Hamilton then! Multiple devices, multiple windows and a smattering of pixie dust!



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Last week I had zero issues on my phone and the app. Thankfully as I am not doing cable or internet at home right now.

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Good to know, I do mine in 8 days and I’m worried!


Yeah… I always do my 60 day FPP on the website. The app can be hit or miss.

Our 60 days is coming up in a few weeks and it’s stressing me out - feel like it’s going to be worse than the nightmare that was ADRs!

Plus I’m away from home that day on a course with work so going to be at the mercy of guest WiFi and sneaking off in my lunch break to book a boatload of FPs!!

Why do we do it to ourselves…