MDE Family & Friends List

This June, my family of 5 (and about 60 other families) will be making the trip to Disney World as part of a dance company performance. We will likely spend large parts of our days hanging out with some of these families. However, our schedules won’t perfectly align; some have younger children, some will not be using LL’s, some may not rope drop, etc. But, we’ll want to be able to keep up with each other and share things such as Memory Maker.

With this in mind, how should I handle adding people to my “Family & Friends” list in MDE? I only want to be responsible for my crew when it comes to LL’s and ILL’s. If I add people to my list but don’t have them in the “We’re Planning Together” section, will that cause me problems when grabbing LL’s? I’ve got several invitations to connect and one individual already in “My Other Family & Friends” list. I don’t want to add anyone only to find out that I need to remove them later. What is the best way to handle this?


There’s a limit to how many you can share memory maker with. Others with more experience can chime in but I would not want all those friends and family on my MDE. If you were going to the same park, when you booked ILL and LL, all those people would show up and you’d have to sort through who in your actual family you needed to book. I’d pick maybe two families at most to connect to and share memory maker with them.

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That’s the plan (I should have been more specific). My family and 1, maybe 2 others, will likely want to share Memory Maker. With these other families included, there could be up to 15 people in my Friends and Family list (my 5 plus 10 more). While I’m happy to add them for this purpose, I don’t want it to be an issue when selecting LL’s. Is that something I should be worried about?

I have like 20 people in my list and only regularly book with one and have no issues. You select your party when you setup Genie and it remembers.

In January I was there with 3 other parties, I had everyone linked for Memory Maker, and had no issues just doing LL for my immediate group.

If they had reservations for the same park, then I think you’d need to select / deselect them form your F&F list.
For ILLs you would also need to select who will be riding.