MDE family fiasco

I am the main person on the MDE acct. last December we had RO (2 connecting rooms at Pop). I was on one room (DH was with me) and my DD (20) was on the other with DD12 in her room. The 2 accts were linked.

This December we're staying in one room at POFQ. All 4 of us were still on MDE and on the new ressie. However, when I made ADRs, I couldn't add my DH and younger DD. I had to add them as new family members just to get them on the ADRs. Now MDE shows myself once, DD20 once, 2 for DH and 2 for DD12. Who can I call to straighten this out?

Ugh. Sounds like a call to IT is due. Find a comfy place to sit.

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Anyone know how I can get it touch with IT?

I'm not sure about IT number...hopefully someone will find that for you.

However, I wouldn't drive myself crazy getting all the names right for ADRs. As long as you have the correct number for your party - the names of the guests attending don't really matter.

You might need to get the account straightened out for FPP though.

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WDW IT phone number 407-939-7765

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Thank you @Sorcerers_Apprentice!

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That's what I was thinking. Also, not crucial, but DH and DD won't be able to use MBs from last December. I know we'll all get new ones but they won't get to switch out colors frowning