MDE Dining vs. Tickets

Staying offiste - Can I have my ticket for the day linked to 1 MDE account and my dining reservation to another? Do they scan your MB for PPO BOG reservation

I don’t understand why you’d want to do that - what’s the advantage? But to answer your question, they scanned our MB last year. We were onsite though. I don’t know what they did for offsite guests, whether they scanned their tickets or just had a paper list.

So until recently I managed my husband’s plans within my profile. He isn’t interested in having a magic band, making FP’s, etc… Well I was able to get a BOG reservation for 2 under my account. A month later I found another 2 (but not a 4 which we needed), for BOG so I setup a MDE for him. However his tickets for our trip are under the profile on my account.

Ah ok. I’d probably just call and see if the 2 reservations could be merged on your account, but MDE makes me break out into a cold sweat so I’m probably not the best one to answer!

Yes you can. They will scan your band but they don’t have to scan to confirm. Just have your reservation information (time, name, party#) and tell then when you check in its not on the MDE linked to the band/RFID ticket.