MDE App technical difficulties

I am getting a little concerned. I have downloaded the MDE app, but nearly every time I try to open it, it shuts down. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but no luck. I will be in the world for my first trip in 12 days and I am starting to get concerned. Any ideas on what I can do?

Have you tried a hard reset on your phone? That seems to fix any issues I’ve had in the past. I also have it downloaded on my wife’s phone. If mine has issues I can use hers.

IOS or Android?

iPhone 6 (ancient tech, I know) ISO

Android here … Mine was blowing up because I didn’t grant it permission to read my GPS location (after all, I wasn’t even in Florida) … granted that permission and things smoothed out … However it still doesn’t show my reservations correctly (they are correct in the MDE Web app) … Also there were two versions available in the Google Play Store but I had already loaded the most current … Check your permissions and make sure you are getting the current version.

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That happens a lot on my iphone 6 as well. I have a link to the web version, and used that most of the time in WDW at the beginning of the month. I did use the app some and had less of the crashing in the parks than I do at home. Hope it works okay for you!

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Okay. I am hoping for similar success. Thank you.

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Yes use the web version. That was my back up when the app misbehaved for me