MDE app keeps logging me out!

OK was there a recent update to the MDE app (iOS here) that forces you to login every time you launch it?!
I used to go in after quite a while and was still logged in, but as of late it forces me to either enter my password each time I launch it or turn on touch id and do my thumbprint each time. Neither do I want to do each time I glance at it on our WDW trip, lol. Am I missing something in a setting?

Same here annoying in the park with limited wifi. I entered as a comment on recent survey

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It’s happening to me, too.

Ok I was wondering if I inadvertently unchecked a setting or something, but it sounds like a weird bug. Hopefully one they will work out ASAP!

Is this still happening to you guys? @jeffinatx @momatwork? I was going to try deleting/resinstalling to see if that helps. I need it fixed before my trip! Lol.

I just opened the app on my iPhone and I had to log in again. It is easy with the iPhone since my thumb print works.

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I’m an iPhone person too and thought I’d just turn on thumbprint to make it quicker than entering a password in the parks etc…but until recently it left me logged in and I didn’t have to do either. Ugh. LOL.

I think it’s back to normal! I set “enable touch ID” and now when I leave the app/go back it still has me logged in! Even if I close the app…

I wonder if there’s a trick like that for android…

Hopefully so, or they fix the glitch if that’s what it is. Do you have the Touch ID option?

Update for iOS today…perhaps problem solved? :grinning::grinning:

Not for me - if I enable Touch ID it won’t log me in at all, and all my Photopass photos have disappeared from it - only the first 5 days should have run out of time. That’s the only reason I have been logging in though, to show them to people, so I guess I don’t need to now for a few years :disappointed_relieved:

thank you that helped me as well

I updated my app and my iPhone but I still need to log on. I think it is my iPhone though. I keep the forum open in my browser and I need to log back into that too.