MDE app keeps logging me out!


OK was there a recent update to the MDE app (iOS here) that forces you to login every time you launch it?!
I used to go in after quite a while and was still logged in, but as of late it forces me to either enter my password each time I launch it or turn on touch id and do my thumbprint each time. Neither do I want to do each time I glance at it on our WDW trip, lol. Am I missing something in a setting?


Same here annoying in the park with limited wifi. I entered as a comment on recent survey


It's happening to me, too.


Ok I was wondering if I inadvertently unchecked a setting or something, but it sounds like a weird bug. Hopefully one they will work out ASAP!


Is this still happening to you guys? @jeffinatx @momatwork? I was going to try deleting/resinstalling to see if that helps. I need it fixed before my trip! Lol.


I just opened the app on my iPhone and I had to log in again. It is easy with the iPhone since my thumb print works.


I'm an iPhone person too and thought I'd just turn on thumbprint to make it quicker than entering a password in the parks etc.....but until recently it left me logged in and I didn't have to do either. Ugh. LOL.


I think it's back to normal! I set "enable touch ID" and now when I leave the app/go back it still has me logged in! Even if I close the app....


I wonder if there's a trick like that for android...


Hopefully so, or they fix the glitch if that's what it is. Do you have the Touch ID option?


Update for iOS today....perhaps problem solved? :grinning::grinning:


Not for me - if I enable Touch ID it won't log me in at all, and all my Photopass photos have disappeared from it - only the first 5 days should have run out of time. That's the only reason I have been logging in though, to show them to people, so I guess I don't need to now for a few years :disappointed_relieved:


thank you that helped me as well


I updated my app and my iPhone but I still need to log on. I think it is my iPhone though. I keep the forum open in my browser and I need to log back into that too.